It is the flagship product in Agricultural Marineto. We carry all varieties, but the majority of our sales come from black and striped aubergine. Most are self-produced, allowing us to offer exceptional quality thanks to our experience and expertise.

We provide any kind of presentation upon request.


The special climatic features of our area allow us to have zucchini all year round.

It has an extremely thin and delicate skin, so we have a packaging system designed specifically to prevent any damage.


It is the most demanded product in European countries and Spain is the world’s leading producer of it.

We carry all available varieties and types of presentation.


It is one of our specialties. We carry Lamuyo, California, Palermo and Italian peppers with further options such as Sweet Bite and Padron available on request.

The preparation and final presentation of the product is tailored to suit the needs of our customers.


We carry Long Life and Vine tomatoes. It is worth noting that the strong competition from Moroccan farmers has significantly reduced the production of this crop in our area.