Marineto Agrícola is a new company of the Almerian fruit and vegetable sector created by a team of professionals with over 40 years of experience in this sector.

We offer our customers the freshest produce of the highest quality obtained throughout sustainable and environmentally friendly processes. We focus on providing a fast and efficient service with a great degree of flexibility and adaptability to their needs. Thanks to our strict cost control, without intermediaries, we are able to reach these goals at unbeatable prices.

Here in Marineto we know that a job well done starts from the beginning. Our farmers receive comprehensive technical advice ranging from how to choose the varieties best suited to the needs of our customers and the optimal sowing dates to appropriate waste management. On our farms we encourage the use of integrated farming techniques, more environmentally friendly and free of chemicals. Our team of professionals thoroughly controls the whole process beginning with a careful selection of the seeds, obtaining the perfect size for harvesting and implementing the most efficient handling and packaging techniques.

A rigorous work that allows us to guarantee a production that is both efficient and respectful  to the product, in which the best produce is picked every day and arrives to our facilities within hours to be carefully selected, sorted and packaged. This ensures a final product of high quality with an excellent presentation that is shipped daily to each market and reaches the consumer as fresh as is possible to be.